Connecting Networks

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Internet eXchange Point

Our core business is operating Internet eXchange Points (IXP) and developping local Internet and very high-speed networks.


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IT Events


Rezopole hosts and organizes events for Internet, Network and Telco professionals on a regular basis in the Rhone-Alpes region.



Services & Development


Rezopole brings support and expertize to local and international organizations in order to contribute to the development of their Internet and Telco projects and the evolution of the IT industry.


Rezopole news

  • The DC Map in France

    The DC Map in France

    Rezopole publie sa première carte des DataCenters en France (Décembre 2014). Les DataCenters (centre de traitement de données en français) sont des sites physiques sur lequel sont localisés tous les outils nécessaires à la gestion d'un système d'information (SI) d'entreprise ou d'organisation : serveurs, bases de données, logiciels, sécurité, backup, données, outils télécom etc.

  • Album photo Aperezo n°32

    Album photo Aperezo n°32

    Rezopole organized the Aperezo n°32 sponsored by F5 and Westcon, in Lyon. The photo album is available here.

    Photos credit : Alina Petrescu

  • Album photo RezoGirls n°3

    Album photo RezoGirls n°3

    Rezopole organized the third meeting RezoGirls 3, in Lyon. The RezoGirls 3 photos are available here.

    Photos credit : Alina Petrescu

  • NitroServ: New member interconnected to LyonIX 3


    NitroServ, game server renting company, is interconnected to the 3d LyonIX Point of Presence (Lyon Internet eXchange). "Key player of online gaming since 10 years, our goal is to improve our network and reduce our latency in the region. We naturally turned to Rezopole, and henceforth – are connected with a 1 Gb/s port. The seriousness and the quality of the Rezopole network is a real competitive advantage for Nitroserv today, besides, answering our values and our initiatives, " declares Julian Miribel, NitroServ's leader.


  • Rezopole sets up a new technical mailing list

    Unlike the official mailing list (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , where only Rezopole team can send messages) the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. alias is a exchange tool for technical subjects. It allows interconnected members, once registered (archives are available only to registered members), to debate and share tips or procedures ...