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Internet eXchange Point

Rezopole manages Internet Exchange Points (IXP) and develops telecoms and datacenter industry for the benefit of the territories.

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Telecom Information Desk


Thanks to the TID, find (sell) your telecom solution (Internet access, links, telephony, datacenter). The TID actually puts in contact the telecoms' offer and demand.


IT & Telecom


Rezopole animates the Telecom and IT industry through four types of events: Aperezo, RezoGirls, RUGs, and Teldej.


Rezopole news

  • What is an IXP?

    What is an IXP?

    Do you want to know what it is an IXP (Internet eXchange Point)?

    Discover here the video in French, which explains how the IXP works, taken from the Euro-IX Website...

  • The IoT Platform: here we go!

    The IoT Platform: here we go!

    For the first time the IoT Platform connected its two users: a local government and a supplier.

    You too come find on the IoT Platform your future customer or specialised supplier!

  • L Digital: almost one year!

    L Digital: almost one year!

    It has almost been a year since the L Digital, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Collective with the goal to favor women's place in the digital sector, is structured and launched thanks to greater mobilisation of its active participants in promoting digital sector among women.

  • LONAP and LyonIX are interconnected!

    LONAP and LyonIX are interconnected!

    With London Access Point (LONAP), England comes to join the peering inter-IXP to LyonIX. All the members of this English Internet exchange point can peer with those of LyonIX through announcements made by the route-servers of two IXPs.

  • New LyonIX member: Agora Calycé!

    New LyonIX member: Agora Calycé!

    Supports a digital transformation of organizations via the migration of their Information System towards connected services, developing with them customised solutions and providing resources on demand in the IT, IoT and Telecom sector...

  • New LyonIX member: Hub One!

    New LyonIX member: Hub One!

    A group of services in information and communication technologies in business environments, Hub One designs and fulfills the professions, sites, and usage digital transformation. Hub One relies on its experience in an airport environment to bring customized answers to critical operational needs in real time to major accounts and SMEs...


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