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Boiling at the Canal Fleas!

on Monday, 30 September 2019 Posted in News LyonIX, News Rezopole

Boiling at the Canal Fleas!

A quick return to the Aperezo on September 25th. A superb evening, sponsored by Euclyde, at the Oscar brewery, a space in Lyon that combines contemporary cuisine and vintage decoration.


While waiting for the Aperezo next November, click here to relive some good moments of this event.





Photographer : Marine-Agathe GONARD / AGATHE PHOTOS





IPv6 mandatory for Belarusian ISPs

on Friday, 27 September 2019 Posted in News LyonIX, News Rezopole, News GrenoblIX

IPv6 mandatory for Belarusian ISPs

Belarus becomes the first country in the world to legally require the adoption of IPv6. As of January 1, 2020, all Internet Service Providers will be required to support IPv6 on their network and provide an IPv6 address to all their customers.


The new law was promulgated by presidential decree on 18 September. This decree updates the previous one setting out the rules for using the country's "national Internet segment". Belarus has one of the newest and most modern Internet backbones on the European continent and local ISPs have already tested IPv6 support well before last week's announcement.


Currently, IPv6 adoption in Belarus is about 15% on average, below the global average (29%). But this is expected to increase from 2020 onwards, as local ISPs will have to support all connections.

Once enabled, clients will be assigned both an IPv4 Internet address and an IPv6 address, and connections will run fully on IPv6 if possible.


Officially approved as the Internet standard in 2017, IPv6 was designed to replace IPv4, which has almost exhausted its available address space of 4.3 billion addresses. Since its adoption, ISPs around the world have begun to deploy support, in collaboration with consumer and professional device manufacturers. A rather slow deployment, mainly because it was left to the discretion of the operators.



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Source : ZDNet





4G: the Arcep hits the table with its fist

on Wednesday, 07 August 2019 Posted in News LyonIX, News Rezopole, News GrenoblIX

4G: the Arcep hits the table with its fist

The telecoms police officer has just sent an early formal notice to Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Iliad-Free regarding the "New Mobile Deal". Indeed, Arcep considers that the commitments made by operators under this agreement, dating from January 2018, are not progressing fast enough.


At the time, the State agreed to renew part of the frequencies granted to operators for ten years and free of charge. A "gift" with a counterpart, however: the operators had undertaken to cover the territory more, particularly in the famous "white areas".

By the end of 2020, they must have converted all their existing 2G and 3G sites to 4G and improve mobile coverage on transport routes (from 2018) and inside buildings (from 2019).


But a year and a half after the signing, the regulator would find that progress was insufficient. "The regulator has no confidence in the operators, he believes that this case is dragging on," explains a source familiar with the case.

If the targets were not met by the 2020 deadline, early warning would make it possible to initiate sanctions more quickly without wasting time.


Aware that operators have always had difficulty meeting their commitments, the government has organised progress reports on the progress of the work. This was obviously not enough.

However, in June 2018, the government published the first 485 sites on which operators had to install their 4G antennas. For its part, the Arcep had launched its quarterly dashboard. But several observers had already warned of the magnitude of the task. "The deadlines were super-short. We could legitimately be concerned," recalls one participant today.


Operators, on the other hand, deny any delay. "Operators are deploying on schedule. ...] We are on the ground every day to solve administrative and technical challenges with the support of communities and government services. Arcep is welcome in the territories and will thus become even more aware of the collective success underway to finally solve the problem of white areas," said Arthur Dreyfuss, President of the French Telecommunications Federation. Summer is therefore likely to be turbulent.





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Source : Les Echos





100G is coming up to LyonIX!

on Thursday, 28 December 2017 Posted in News LyonIX, News Rezopole

100G is coming up to LyonIX!

[French article]

L'équipe technique de Rezopole a finalisé la phase de test des équipements 100G qui s'est déroulée sur 6 semaines. Les équipements en concurrence étaient : Cisco Nexus 9236C, EdgeCore AS7712 & Huawei CE8860.


Les équipements ont été testés sur plusieurs critères : leur interopérabilité avec le protocole de Fabric Ethernet (Trill), le support des différents types de Fabric IP (VXLAN/EVPN) ainsi que leur interopérabilité dans un environnement multi-constructeur. La viabilité de plusieurs topologies a aussi été mise à l'épreuve ce qui fera l'objet d'un prochain RUG.
Au terme de cette phase de test, les équipements Huawei se sont avérés les plus adaptés à l'intégration à l'infrastructure actuelle de LyonIX. Grâce à la forte interopérabilité avec les autres équipements, à la réactivité pour l'implémentation de nouvelles caractéristiques (ex : VXLAN & EVPN), et à leur modularité permise par leur format en châssis 2U, les matériels Huawei permettent une plus grande souplesse dans la migration du 10G vers le 100G.



Voxity: new LyonIX member!

on Wednesday, 13 December 2017 Posted in News LyonIX, News Rezopole

Voxity: new LyonIX member!

Since 2009, Voxity is a Service Operator that designs, installs and maintains Telecoms solutions for the demanding professions (Private networks, Internet, Fiber optics and IP Telephony). Voxity is also the editor of Octopus, an innovative solution of enterprise Telephony and Unified Communication.


"We chose to join LyonIX in order to offer to our customers and partners the connectivity as resilient as possible. It also allows us to be as close as possible to the main actors of the region." - says Jean-Pierre Ramoul, a Voxity director.


Voxity is present at the LyonIX 3A rack

ASN : AS57103

Learn more

Find more information on the Voxity web site



How to choose a telecom offer?

on Monday, 04 December 2017 Posted in News LyonIX, News Rezopole, News GrenoblIX

How to choose a telecom offer?

Discover the practices and needs in telecommunication of companies and download the guide developed by Arcep and its partners, the MEDEF, CPME and AFUTT, aimed at the TPE-SME to help them understand the market, define their needs and find the criteria of choice of an offer regarding telecoms.





Save the date: IXPloration 8 on December 13

on Monday, 20 November 2017 Posted in News LyonIX, News Rezopole

Save the date: IXPloration 8 on December 13

We invite you to discover LyonIX, the IXP/NAP of Lyon on December 13th, from 9:30 am.


This completely free event, called IXPloration, allows you to discover all the advantages to be connected on our network infrastructures.


Meet us at the Rezopole office: 16, rue de la Thibaudière - 69007 LYON

Attention: limited space.






New service: Mapping IP towards AS

on Wednesday, 04 October 2017 Posted in News LyonIX, News Rezopole, News GrenoblIX, News EuroGIX

New service: Mapping IP towards AS

Rezopole sets up a publication service of correspondence between IP and AS. A simple DNS request allows to find the AS and the subnet in which the IP is published!


This new public service is an alternative to the American team-cymru and allows to expose BGP routes seen from Europe. Visit to enrich your network scripts! These tools (dig and asdig) are reverted to the public domain on our github! An update is coming…




When the manufacturers play the game!

on Tuesday, 03 October 2017 Posted in News LyonIX, News Rezopole

When the manufacturers play the game!

The technical team of Rezopole starts a phase of 100Gb equipment tests.


As a first step, this switching equipment will be connected to the edge of the current Fabric Ethernet and in the future will become the new heart of the LyonIX networks.


During the test phase, their actual capabilities in terms of bitrate will be tested as well as the interoperability of the various manufacturers' Fabric IP solutions.

Many thanks to Cisco for the loan of a Nexus 9000, Alyséo for the loan of an EdgeCore 7712-32X, Brocade for the loan of a SLX 9240 and Huawei for the loan of a C8860-CE!!





New LyonIX member: AVM Up!

on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 Posted in News LyonIX, News Rezopole

New LyonIX member: AVM Up!

At the same time a telecom operator, Internet service provider and operator of hosted services, AVM Up chose the cloud to resolve the problems that affect professional telephony, e-mail, SMS, fax but also the processing of the multi-channel flow of incoming documents.


"Recognized and experienced Expert, our areas of activity group together 3 fields:

software,  telephony for business and network."


 AVM Up is at the same time the expertise, commitment and quality! AVM is a human-sized independent 100% French company.


"This proximity allows us to exchange our know-how (Commercial, Customer service, R&D, Operator service and Networks (NOC), Administrative, etc.) and to bring a true support to our customers, with a high quality level, a high availability and a closely monitored security."


Why LyonIX?

  • The effort to improve the quality of Internet speed and the reduction in cost associated with the bandwidth.
  • As Internet operator, it is also interesting to be able to reach the market place allowing to sell and to buy Internet transit and/or all types of IP services.
  • LyonIX also allows to interconnect directly to our customers to be as close as possible to them and guarantee them a higher level of security by the implementation of an additional path towards the platform.
  • LyonIX is also a perspective to reach other IXP: France-IX, Equinix … whose future potential customers can become members.
  • Finally, LyonIX can also be interconnected with other country, the United Kingdom in particular.


AVM Up is present at the LyonIX 2D rack

ASN: AS201246

Learn more

Find more information here: AVM Up

CPRO: new LyonIX member!

on Wednesday, 06 September 2017 Posted in News LyonIX, News Rezopole

CPRO: new LyonIX member!

Since more than 25 years, C'PRO has been proposing solutions to companies centered around 3 sectors: printing and dematerialisation solutions, information technology and hosting, operator and telephony. Indeed, data are at the heart of the organisation. Intended to produce, sell or manage, they are essential for it to function correctly. Digital or physical, paper or voice, e-mail or video conference, these data represent a growing importance that needs to be managed, and they are derived from multiple channels...


 "OUR 3 COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES allow us to accompany our customers in the optimisation of their data flow in order to increase their capacity to manage this growing volume of data."


The C'PRO Telecom infrastructure is: 99.99% of availability of service, 11 core network nodes, 10 Gbps per node of interconnection, Internet transit and the ARBOR protection against DDoS.


"In order to constantly improve our availability and our connectivity, it seemed obvious to us that we needed to  connect ourselves to LyonIX, who is the main IX of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. This connection enables us to strengthen our offer, at the height of the leading actors of Internet".

C'PRO in some figures:

620 employees
20000 customers
31 agencies
130 M€ CA

3 datacenters 11 Operators Points of Presence (PoP) in France and abroad



C'PRO is présent at the LyonIX 2B rack

ASN : AS197033

Learn more

Find more information here: C'PRO



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